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Lucen emerged from a dream—a vision of elegance and sophistication. With a focus on top-quality ingredients tested by doctors and formulated in the USA, it aimed high. Initially a drift in a crowded market, Lucen lacked a distinct presence with their original brand identity.


Lucen Skin Care


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June 2023

Our Task

The objective was clear to us. To sculpt a brand identity and packaging that mirrored its high standards. To establish itself as a leading brand in the skincare industry we had to develop a brand identity and packaging that reflected its commitment to excellence and the highest standards.

We embarked on a meticulous journey, working closely with the Lucen team to understand their vision and aspirations. Through brainstorming sessions, design iterations, and feedback loops, we honed in on the essence of Lucen. Each step was taken thoughtfully, ensuring that every aspect of the brand accurately represented its values.

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The Process

With a deep understanding of Lucen's identity, we set out to craft a logo and packaging that exuded sophistication and elegance. Careful consideration was given to fonts, colors, and imagery to create a cohesive visual identity. The packaging materials and finishes were chosen to enhance the brand's premium appeal.

Strategic Thinking

Beyond aesthetics, we employed strategic thinking to position Lucen effectively in the market. We conducted market research to identify opportunities for differentiation and crafted messaging that resonated with the target audience. Every decision, from product placement to packaging design, was informed by a strategic approach to maximize impact.

The Result

Our collaborative efforts culminated in the successful delivery of a brand identity and packaging that surpassed Lucen's expectations. With a refined logo, luxurious packaging, and a strategic market positioning, Lucen is now primed to make a lasting impression in the skincare industry. We take pride in our role in shaping Lucen's journey to success.

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