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Where are you located?

We are located in Newport Beach, CA We're your one-stop shop for all your digital business needs. Whether you're looking for the perfect branding to showcase your company or a website to open the doors to another source of income, we have our team in place to get it done.

How do I set up a call?

You can easily reach our team through our email and phone number +949 228 9893

What are the estimated costs of your services?

Our pricing is customized for every project. We begin by identifying the weaknesses and challenges in your business. Then, we collaborate to provide a comprehensive quote that addresses all potential areas for improvement, ensuring fair pricing and top-tier design solutions.

Who is Striv Agency?

We are not your average creative agency; we're a total powerhouse for ambitious brands. From coming up with the best concepts to nailing every detail, we're all about making success happen. And hey, we're pros at building fully optimized brands and E-commerce websites, guaranteeing congruency and attention to detail in every step.